Endurance Timing Austria

In the summer of 2019 the austrian ferderation from endurance riding called me to ask if i could and would like to program a timing system for austrian endurance rides. They knew i had years of experience in the timing business and that i programmed the entire website (website, web-liveresults and App) of another austrian timing provider.

Obviously I named the project „Endurance Timing Austria„.

In September 2020 we did our test run with the state championship of Burgenland. The system worked very well and those responsible were enthusiastic, also the riders i talked to.

Of course we found different parts that we can improve. I immediately got down to it, improved some parts and of course, i am always trying to improve the system.

The system can be used for national and tinternational events. Based on FEI and austrian rules. Very good for events up to about 50 competitors. A lot of nice features are includet. The most of them in the backend to make the work easier and saver.

Have a quick look to the ETA Features.